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Filing Fee Calculator
Deeds & Mortgages only

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$13.00 -- Certificate, certifying any instrument of record, plus the photocopy fees stated below

Research Fee for Genealogy $20.00 per hour, minimum of 1/2 hour or $10.00 plus copy/or fax fee/or e-mail fee.

We do not do total phone searches, if you do not have a book and page of what you want we do not have the time to do a search.  If you are needing a total search, please send someone here or contact the local title company for assistance.  We do not do title work.

$2.00 -- Fax Copies per page. Photocopies $1.00 for the first page and $.50 for letter size paper and $.75 for legal size paper for each second page and each additional page or fraction thereof. Plus, have the right to charge for postage.  E-Mail Copies $1.00 for the first page and $.50 for each additional page.

$25.00 -- Execution Fee for Passport.

$1.00 -- If names not printed or typed under signatures.

All fees shall be due and payable before the register of deeds shall be required to do the work.

Must have 3 to 4 inches clear across the top of the first page of  a document for the recording stamp and or County Clerk's Transfer Stamp (if a deed).  This must be done on ALL e-recordings too or we will have to reject the document.

If sufficient space is not provided for the necessary recording information and certification on a document, such recording information shall be placed on an added sheet and such sheet shall be counted an additional page.

A portion of the following fee schedule is established byKansas Statutes; and a portion by the Osage County Commissioners

 $21.00 -- Forrecording deeds, mortgages, or other instruments of writing, for first page(not to exceed legal size page 8 1/2" x 14", include Technology feesand Heritage Trust Fund).

$17.00 -- For second page and each additional page orfraction thereof (includes Technology fees & Heritage Trust Fund Fee).

$20.00 -- The filing fee for mortgage assignment &releases (Includes Technology Fees & Heritage Trust Fund Fee) and $4.00 forsecond page and each additional page or fraction thereof of assignment orrelease) (not to exceed legal size page 8 1/2" x 14").  ($16.00 for each Book & Page listed being Assigned or Released)


1 sheet, 1 book and page assignment/release = $20.00

 2 sheets, 1 book andpage assignment/release = $24.00

1 sheet, 2 books and pages assignment/release = $36.00

2 sheets, 2 books and pages assignment/release = $40.00

$17.00 -- To record liens for material and services underK.S.A. 58-201, and amendments thereto.

$5.00 -- To record Lis Pendens

$32.00 -- Recording town plats, for each page.

$32.00 -- Filing Federal Tax Lien Notice

$32.00 -- Federal Tax Lien Release

$71.00 -- State Tax Lien Release  (First page only, additional fees apply forsecond & additional pages & fractions thereof).

No charge for Medical Assistance Lien, and or assignment andor release (K.S.A. 39-709(g) to the secretary of health and environment or thesecretary's designee. If it is unclear that the person requesting filing is thesecretary's designee, standard filing fees shall be collected.


As of July 1, 2001, the Kansas Law concerning UCC filings has changed. Under the new law, financing statements covering consumer goods will be filed in the office of the Secretary of State.

As a result of this change only financing statements covering fixtures, timber to be cut, and abstracted oil, gas and other minerals are filed with the Register of Deeds in the county where the land is located. All other financing statements will be filed at the office of the Secretary of State. To be perfected you should file all financing statements, except for fixture filings pertaining to real estate, with the Secretary of State's office and not with the Register of Deeds. If you send the UCC to a Register of Deeds office with the correct filing fee it will be filed with no questions asked. The new law makes it the responsibility of the secured party to be perfected or secured. The Register of Deeds office can only reject for a few reasons and wrong place of filing is not one of them. If consumer goods are sent to counties for filing instead of the Secretary of State's office, the filing will not be rejected.

In order to file a fixture filing you still need the record owner's name and complete legal description.

UCC up to 10 pages $15.00
Each page after 10 pages $1.00 per page
Amendments up to 10 pages $15.00
Each page after 10 pages $1.00 per page
Terminations $15.00
Searches $15.00 per debtor name
   + $1.00 per page for copies

If you file electronically with the state it is less expensive. Visit the Kansas Secretary of State website for their fees and guidelines.

1. We will only accept the standardized UCC filing forms. (National UCC filing form) All others will be rejected.

2. Documents presented for filing must be presented in the proper medium.

3. Filing fees must accompany document. Payment must be made by check or cash.

4. Document will be rejected if it cannot be properly indexed.

a. We must have one complete debtor's name and address and one complete secured party's name and address. If multiple names and addresses are given, the UCC filing will be indexed only to the parties with complete or legible information.
b. Failure to provide all information necessary to file the document. In the case of an assignment, failure to provide a name or address of the assignee would be a cause for rejection.

5. No searches will be done by telephone. We will only accept written requests using the new national form.

6. Mechanics Liens and Tax Liens will still be filed at the county level using the old fee schedule.