Wastewater, Construction and land divisions require permits.  Permit applications are available on-line and can be located under the Services/Documents menu.

As of January 1, 2012 all property outside of city boundaries that sale must have a Wastewater Inspection.  The request for is also available under the Services/Documents menu.  Any septic inspections are required to have the tank pumped at the time of inspection and paid at the time of inspection.  Inspection fees to Osage County can be paid through closing fees or paid directly to this office. 

The department delineates boundary lines for all property located in Osage County and provides ownership maps with aerial photography.  Other maps available are tax, water, fire and school district maps as well as location of cemeteries and flood maps.

Please visit the maps that have been provided for your convenience on this website.  Maps can be accessed by the slide out menu of GIS & Mapping or under the Service tab.  For other maps please contact this office.

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