Osage County Recycle Building
208 W. 17th Street
Lyndon, KS 66451


                                                                           Open Week days Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


Funding is provided by the Lake Region Authority. Bring items during open hours if assistance is needed to unload. Trailers are available during closed hours for self drop off.  Donated items should be clean and stored in clean container


Make a difference-RECYCLE!

Item Accepted - Please separate items

Newspapers (may include inserts),
Magazines/Catalogs, Phonebooks
Office paper (typing/computer/shredded),
Junk mail (advertisements/envelopes/slick paper)

Plastic -we accept only HDPE2 or PETE1 (Check container bottom)
HDPE2- Milk jugs, keep these separate; rinse and discard lids.
Laundry or soap containers; heavier white milk jugs, butter tubs, flat lids & other items that beat HDPE2.
PETE 1: Clear/green pop liters, some ketchup, peanut butter, cooking oil, juice, etc.

TIN CANS- just rinse, do not flatten or remove bottom

Aluminum cans- rinse, do not flatten

Aluminum scrap- foil, pie pans, frozen food trays

Glass- jars or bottles only.  Rinse out and sort by color, discard lids, plastic or metal rings, foam labels and lead wraps or crimped on foil as on wine bottles.  Remove labels if possible.  No broken dishes, Pyrex, light bulbs or window glass.

Corrugated Cardboard- broken down and folded flat
Single Ply Cardboard- cereal boxes, TP rolls, paper towel rolls

Brown paper sacks- fold flat.


Collection trailers also available at the following locations:

Lyndon        208 W. 17th St. 

Osage City   9th & Main St. 

Overbrook    4th & Cedar

Scranton       202 Brownie

Melvern        City Park

Burlingame   Dacotah & Santa Fe

Carbondale   2nd & Main 

Quenemo      City Park