Fred Diver

Fred L. Diver

Commissioner 1st District
Gaylord Anderson

Gaylord Anderson

Commissioner 2nd District
Kenneth Kuykendall

Kenneth J. Kuykendall

Commissioner 3rd District


Map of the Commission Districts


The Commission Districts are broken up as follows:

Commissioner District No. 1 - Burlingame City, Scranton City, Burlingame Township, Dragoon

               Township, Fairfax Township, Grant Township, Scranton Township, 2nd Ward and 3rd Ward of

               Osage City

                Commissioner District No. 2 - Carbondale City, Overbrook City, Elk Township, Junction

               Township and Ridgeway Township

                Commissioner District No. 3 - Lyndon City, Melvern City, Olivet City, Quenemo City, Agency

               Township, Arvonia Township, Barclay Township, Lincoln Township, Melvern Township, Olivet

               Township, Superior Township, Valley Brook Township, 1st Ward and 4th Ward of Osage City