Here are some guidelines on preparing documents for filing in the Osage County Register of Deeds Office.  AND guidelines to get a passport.

  • • Prepare documents legibly and according to the statutory requirements of the State of Kansas.•
  • • We can only record original instruments do not send copies.
  • • Include the correct fee and applicable taxes.
  • • Make sure the documents are properly signed, acknowledged, and notarized.
  • • If the document includes a legal description make sure it is complete and compatible with all initial recordings.
  • • Identify all schedules and exhibits clearly.
  • • Properly title, date, and execute the document.
  • • Include the name and address of the preparer and a return address.
  • • Deeds must be accompanied by a Real Estate Questionnaire or show a K.S.A. Exemption number on the face of the deed.
  • • A Mortgage Registration Fee Affidavit is required to claim an exemption.



  2. PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP (original-certified copy of you birth certificate OR citiznship
  3. PROOF OF IDENTITY (driver's license-if no driver's license available, must provide photo ID)
  5. FEES (2 checks are required): 
  • • Age 16-up: $110-US Dept. of State AND $25-Register of Deeds
  • • Age 15-down: $80-US Dept. of State AND $25-Register of Deeds


Passports for the 16+ age group are valid for 10 years from the issue date.

Passports for the 15-below age group will be valid for 5 years from the date of issue.

For children 15 and younger, the child must be present AND both parents must sign the application.  If one of the parents is unable to appear, an affidavit may be presented from the absent parent.

Please allow 6 weeks to receive your passport in the mail after executing the application.  If a passport is  needed sooner than 6 weeks, applications may be expedited for an additional cost each.

All the needed forms may be obtained in our office at the time of application, or they are available on-line at  If you have any questions concerning passport applications, please contact this office.

Our passport hours is 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM Monday - Friday, you may just walk in but it would be helpful if you called first since there is only two of us in the office that handle passports.

NOTICE:  OSAGE COUNTY IS NOW DOING E-RECORDING!!  FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO GET STARTED, CONTACT SIMPLIFILE:  (800) 460-5657  All you need is a PC, scanner, and high-speed Internet access.