Tax Calendar

Important tax dates:

  • January 1: The assessment date (KSA 79-301 and KSA 79-1455)
  • March 1: Change of Value Notices mailed - Unless an extension is granted by the Director of Property Valuation
  • March 15: Personal Property Renditions due back to County Appraiser
  • April 1: Oil and Gas renditions due back to County Appraiser. Notices of Appraised Value mailed to the property owner
  • May 1: Deadline for the county appraiser to notify taxpayers of the value and classification of personal property, including oil and gas (KSA-1460)
  • May 15: Deadline for taxpayers to appeal a notice of value or classification of personal property, including oil and gas (KS-1448). You can appeal when you pay your taxes if you do not appeal your notice
  • June 1: Appraiser certifies appraisal roll to County Clerk
  • May 10: Second half Payment Under Protest payment deadline from the previous year

If a deadline falls on a weekend or legal holiday, the last day to file is automatically extended to the next business day.

Penalties apply for late filing of Personal Property or Oil and Gas Renditions. Contact the County Appraiser's Office for applicable penalties.