Incentives & Assistance

Neighborhood Revitalization Program

The Neighborhood Revitalization Program encourages improvements and new construction on residential and commercial properties throughout Osage County. Property owners who complete rehabilitation or new construction on residential, commercial, or industrial buildings can receive tax rebates for the increase in appraised value, which results from their work.
Before construction starts, the property owner must complete the application and the property must be valued by the Appraiser's Department.

Rebate Scale

Retable taxes are determined by the taxing districts that have opted into the program where the improved property is located. The rebate amount is figured using the initial increase in valuation.

1st Year, 10th year, 100%.

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Kansas Down Payment Assistance Program

 You may qualify for a 30-year, fixed-rate FHA, VA, USDA, or conventional Loan and assistance up to a percentage for down payment or closing costs. Must be a qualified buyer with a credit score above 640 and income below $121,240 a year. 

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Promoting Employment Across Kansas

Promoting Employment Across Kansas (PEAK) is intended to encourage economic development in Kansas by inventing companies to relocate, locate, or expand business operations and jobs in Kansas. During the benefit period, participating PEAK companies may retain 95% of the state payroll withholding tax of PEAK-eligible jobs that pay at or above the county median wage where the operations and jobs will be located. PEAK requires the qualified company to commit to creating 5 new jobs in non-metropolitan areas, within two years and may be eligible for up to seven years of payroll withholding tax savings.

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High-Performance Incentive Program

The High-Performance Incentive Program (HPIP) provides tax incentives to qualifying employers who pay above-average wages, along with having a robust commitment to teaching skills development to their workers HPIP provides a 10% tax credit that is eligible for capital investment of at least $50,000 at the company's facility. The tax credit has a 16-year carryforward provided facilities are able to requalify for HPIP. To qualify, a company must be a for-profit company subject to state takes, pay wages exceeding the average wage standard as compared to other similar firms in the same geographical area with matching NAICS codes, and be either a manufacturer or able to document that most of its sales are to Kansas manufacturers and/or out-of-state businesses or government agencies.

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Machinery & Equipment Expansion Deduction

Kansas taxpayers are allowed to claim an expense deduction for business machinery and equipment placed in service in Kansas during the tax year. The one-time deduction is allowed for each qualified purchase of machinery and equipment in the year that is placed in service. The unused expensive deduction is treated as a Kansas net operating loss that may be carried forward for 10 years. Eligible investment is machinery and equipment depreciable under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS), section 168 of the Internal Revenue Code, or canned software as defined in section 197 of the Internal Revenue Code. Business machinery and equipment newly purchased, leased, or moved into Kansas is exempt from property tax. Examples of eligible equipment include manufacturing equipment, office furniture, computers, and racking.

View the Creating an Environment for Entrepreneurial Success in Kansas (PDF).

Kansas Industrial Training

The Kansas Industrial Training (KIT) program may be used to assist firms involved in net new job creation. Training can include subjects that provide knowledge and specific skills necessary for job entry including instruction on the company's own production equipment on the plant floor or similar machinery in a classroom settling. To be eligible a company must create at least one new position at an average wage equal to or greater than the median wage for their county.

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Kansas Industrial Retraining

This program provided training assistance to companies in industries that are restructuring due to changing technology and to companies diversifying production activities. Terms are negotiable and cover up to 50% of costs.

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Small Cities Community Development Block Grants

The Small Cities Community Development Block Grant- Economic Development (CBDG-ED) program is a source of financing for companies that are expanding an existing facility or starting a new operation in a non-metropolitan area of Kansas. the maximum amount of funds available is $750,000 per project. There are two parts to the program, business finance, and infrastructure. Under the business finance component, funds are available for working capital, machinery and equipment, and real property. The interest rate is currently set at 4%. The term of the loan is based on the class of the asset being financed. the working capital loan has a term of five years, machinery and equipment 10 years, and real property 15 years. If the project finishes by the end of the 24-month contract period without any issues, delays, etc., a 25% discount will be applied to the principal portion of the loan at the time of project closure.

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View the Kansas Department of Commerce has a complete guide to Kansas Business Incentives Guide website.